Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book an appointment?

Appointments can be booked by contacting reception on 093-38585 or reception@dunmoremedicalpractice.ie or attending reception in person. We hope to have an online booking system operational shortly.

Why do the reception staff ask the reason for the appointment?

Due to the wide variety of services we provide and the need to plan the appointment schedule appropriately, the reception staff will ask you the general reason for your consultation. This enables them to book your appointment with the appropriate clinician(s) at the appropriate time(s). If you do not wish to disclose the reason for your appointment you do not need to, and our reception staff will completely understand and respect your wishes. We would however request that patients alert the reception staff of the need for an urgent appointment, explaining the urgency, so they can arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

How long are appointments?

Appointments with the doctor or the nurse are 15 minutes in duration. Therefore, they can generally only deal with 1-2 issues safely in this time. To keep our schedule on time, if you have more than 2 issues to discuss, we would request that you inform reception when booking so they can schedule a double appointment. This helps to keep our waiting room times at a minimum. As we are a front-line community service, from time-to-time emergencies arise and in this event both doctors and nurses have to deal with this immediately and pause seeing scheduled patients temporarily, resulting in a delay. We appreciate your understanding when these issues arise. 

Can I bring along another family member to be seen during my appointment?

If you intend on bringing another family member with you to your appointment so they can also be seen, we respectfully request that you inform the reception staff in advance of arrival so they can review whether the clinician will have time to see an extra patient. This is to ensure our appointment schedule is kept as much as possible on time.

Can I ask for a Chaparone?

Dunmore Medical Practice have a Chaparone Policy in place. If you wish to have a chaperone present for your appointment, please advise our reception staff when booking.

What do I do if I can’t attend my appointment?

We usually have a waiting list of patients wishing to be seen every day so if you won’t be able to make your intended appointment, we would be most grateful if you could inform us in advance so we can offer an appointment to a patient waiting to be seen. 

What do I do if I am running late for my appointment?

If you are running late, please let us know as soon as possible and we will endeavour to see you on arrival if our schedule allows. However, due to the volume of patients needing to be seen and the sequencing of appointments, we may have no option but to reschedule your visit for another time to avoid the schedule being delayed for other patients.

Do you offer a walk-in service?

Due to our appointments often being booked out days in advance, we do not offer a walk-in service, but we will always endeavour to deal with urgent cases on the same day. Please advise our reception staff of the exact nature of the urgency so that they are fully informed and can alert the doctor(s) on duty. 

Do you offer telephone consultations?

We always prefer to see our patients in person where possible. But if for certain circumstances, a patient cannot attend the surgery in person, we offer telephone consultations.

What do I do if I need a doctor when the surgery is closed?

Out of hours care is provided by Westdoc of whom we are active members. Westdoc provides care to our patients when our surgery is closed, and they can be contacted on 0818 360 000 Monday to Friday from 6pm to 8am and all through weekends and bank holidays.

Repeat Prescriptions

How do I order my repeat prescription?

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered online though our website at www.dunmoremedicalpractice.ie or by e-mailing reception@dunmoremedicalpractice.ie or by calling 093-38585 or calling in person to reception. For clarity and safety, it is best if patients put in writing their required medications using our repeat prescription form which can be downloaded on our website or collected from reception.  We require 48 hours notice for all repeat prescriptions and patients must nominate a pharmacy to send the prescription to.

Why do I have to request a prescription with 48 hours notice?

Due to the large volume of prescription requests we receive every day, repeat prescriptions are reviewed during the designated doctor’s administrative time (when they are not in session). The doctor must ensure the repeat prescription is safe to reissue and if they identify a risk, they may not reissue the prescription and instead, the patient may be requested to attend for a doctor or nurse appointment which may include blood tests.  

Test Results

When will I get my test results?

All test results such as blood tests, urine tests, stool tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs and CT scans are relayed to the patient in a timely manner usually within 2 weeks of the test being performed via text, phonecall or in person. 

What do I do if I haven’t received my test result?

If you have had samples sent to the lab from our surgery or an investigation requested by one of our GPs but have not received the result within 2 weeks of it being performed, we request that you make contact with the practice to alert us and we will then follow up on the test and contact you with the result. Please note that if your test was requested by a hospital consultant, you must follow up directly with them, as we do not always receive a copy of investigations requested externally.

Medical Certificate and Social Welfare Certificates

How do I request a Medical Certificate for work or a Social Welfare Certificate for Social Welfare Payments?

If you have been unwell and require a medical certificate, a doctor needs to assess you either in person or over the phone. In this event, we request you make an appointment.

How do I request a repeat Medical Certificate for work or a Social Welfare Certificate for Social Welfare Payments?

Repeat medical certificates and social welfare certificates can be requested online on our website at www.dunmoremedicalpractice.ie, or by calling 093-38585 or by calling in person to reception. Please note that you may be requested to attend in person for review before the certificate can be reissued.

House Calls

Does the doctor do housecalls?

House calls are reserved for completely house bound patients and palliative patients only. Requests for house calls for these patients must be phoned in by 10am if a need has been identified for a house call on that day. This is to ensure adequate time is set aside for a house call during the daily schedule.

Why does the doctor not do house calls for other patients?

In general, it is better for patients to attend the surgery for their consultation as the doctors and nurses have access to equipment and medications such as ECGs, nebulisers, oxygen and a wide range of emergency medications, as well as support from other clinicians and administrative staff. 

Also, the time involved in a doctor attending a house call generally means 3-4 surgery appointments are consumed and this number of patients waiting to be seen will not get an appointment on the day.


At Dunmore Medical Practice, we strive to operate a friendly, professional and up-to-date service for our patients. However, we understand that from time-to-time, patients may feel that the service they were provided was not to standard. 

In this instance, we would invite you to contact our Practice Manager, Mary Naughton, either in person or in writing at reception@dunmoremedicalpractice.ie where she can deal with your complaint in line with our practice complaints policy. 

We welcome all feedback as part of our endeavours to constantly improve our patient experience, so all our complaints are taken seriously and handled in strict confidence.