Men's Health

Men's Health Services

At Dunmore Medical Practice, we have tailored health assessments and services for men.


Well Man Consultation

Our consultation is a comprehensive medical assessment and requires a 30-minute appointment. The appointment includes:

    • Review of general health including any new or old symptoms of concern, and diet and lifestyle review.
    • Examination including blood pressure, body mass index, prostate exam, testicular exam and skin survey.
    • Blood test including full blood count, liver, kidney and thyroid function tests, cholesterol, diabetes, iron and B12 levels.
    • Heart health assessment (may require an electrocardiogram*), bone health assessment, mental health assessment and sexual health assessment.
    • National bowel screening advice depending on age.

Follow up care will be provided as required or appropriate referrals arranged as needed. 

* Will incur an extra fee of €30