Minor Surgery

Minor Surgery

Here in Dunmore Medical Practice, minor surgical procedures can be arranged on site. These procedures involve the use of local anaesthetic and do not require a general anaesthetic. 

The following treatments are available:

Excision/ Removal of

    • Removal of
      • Skin lesions
      • Skin tags
      • Sebaceous cysts
    • Incision and drainage of abscesses
    • Aspiration and drainage of ganglions
    • Suturing
    • Ingrown toenail surgery

In order to assess the type of surgery that you may need, you will be required to have a pre-assessment appointment to establish the treatment required. We will then be able to arrange an appointment that will suit you.

The doctors and nurses at the Practice will provide you with full aftercare instructions on the best way to look after any wounds that may be a result of any minor surgery and you will also receive a follow-up appointment to assess your progress and healing.

The cost of most surgical procedures is often settled by patients’ health insurer.