Mother & Baby Services

Mother & baby services

We provide ante-natal and post-natal care, free of charge, under the HSE Mother and Infant Scheme.  This scheme provides an agreed programme of care to all pregnant women with a valid PPS number and you do not need to hold a valid medical card or doctor visit card to avail of this free service.

When a woman suspects she is pregnant, she attends the doctor for an initial examination and once her pregnancy is confirmed she will have a further 5 examinations, for her first pregnancy.  This increases to 6 examinations for your second and subsequent pregnancies. These visits are alternated with visits to the maternity department in your hospital.  The schedule of visits may be changed by your doctor and/or your hospital obstetrician depending on your individual situation.

Where an expectant mother suffers from a significant illness affecting the pregnancy including diabetes, hyperemesis (severe morning sickness with vomiting, dehydration and malnutrition), and hypertension (blood pressure), up to 5 additional visits to the doctor may be provided. These illnesses are the only additional illnesses covered under this scheme. Unfortunately, other illness such as back pain or reduced mobility may not be covered and you may be asked to pay for your consultation if you do not have a medical card or doctor visit card. Consultations for routine non-pregnancy related will be charged as normal if you do not have a medical card or doctor visit card.

The expected schedule of visits is as follows:

Before 12 weeks – 1st GP visit

Before 20 weeks – 1st Hospital visit

24 weeks – GP visit

28 weeks – GP visit (Hospital if it’s your first pregnancy)

30 weeks – GP visit

32 weeks – Hospital visit

34 weeks – GP visit

36 weeks – Hospital visit

37 weeks – GP visit

38 weeks – Hospital visit

39 weeks – GP visit

40 weeks – Hospital visit

The following visits are also included (post-natal):

    • Two weeks post-natal check for baby
    • Six weeks post-natal check for mother and baby

Influenza and Pertussis Vaccines are recommended during pregnancy and are offered to all expectant mothers. The influenza vaccine protects the mother from serious complications associated with influenza in pregnancy while the pertussis vaccine, although given to the mother, protects the baby from Whooping Cough until they are 2 months old.

More information on pregnancy and labour can be found on the website which can be accessed here.

We ask that parents apply for their child’s Under 6s Doctor Visit Card as soon as possible after they are born. You will need their PPS number. Visit here for more information.

When your baby is 2 calendar months old, he or she will be due his or her first vaccinations. It is important to bring your baby for vaccination when he or she is due as this offers the best protection against illness. Vaccinations are carried out by the nurse.

Routine childhood vaccinations are provided free of charge.